John Maughan 1735 -

John Maughan 1735

John Maughan born born circa 1735, christened 7-Jun-1736 at Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England. John's wife is unknown. John is listed as a "surveyor (or supervisor) of window lights".

  • Katharine Maughan born circa 1760.
  • Ann Maughan born circa 1760.
  • Robert Maughan 1769 - 1844
  • Elizabeth Maughan
  • Edward John Maughan born in 1790, died in 1868.
  • Katharine Maughan

    Katharine Maughan born in 1760, married John Fraser on 15-Feb-1788 in Edinburgh parish.

    Ann Maughan

    Ann Maughan born in 1760, married William Turnbull on 17-Nov-1881 in Edinburgh parish. William was born in 1759. He was the son of James Turnbull (1737 - 1792) and Jean Dawson (1735 - ?).

  • William Turnbull born 25-Nov-1782.
  • Ann Turnbull born 01-Dec-1783.
  • James Turnbull born 03-Feb-1785.
  • Manny Marion Symington (Symonton) Turnbull born 05-Feb-1787, married George Sandy (Sandie) on 11-Jul-1817 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. George was born 21-Apr-1784 at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland. He was the son of George Sandie and Mary Cow.
    George's father George Sandie was christened 12-Aug-1755 at Nigg, Kincardine, Scotland. He was the son of James Sandie and Helen Reid.
    Mary Cow was christened 29-Jul-1761 at Spott, East Lothian, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Cow, who was born 19-Jun-1732 in Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland and Agnes Ker. Mary's paternal grandparents were George Cow and Martha Miln. Mary Cow sisters Agnes 23-Dec-1764, Elizabeth born 06-Jan-1771, and Katherine born 25-Dec-1774.
  • John Turnbull born 17-May-1788.
  • Dr. Robert Turnbull born 16-Jun-1791, died in1842.
  • Richard Turnbull born 22-Jul-1792.
  • John Turnbull born 23-Aug-1794.
  • Thomas Turnbull born 23-Mar-1796.
  • Malcolm Turnbull born 09-Oct-1797, married? Sarah Laing.
  • Alexander Turnbull born 25-Nov-1798, died in 1874.
  • Elizabeth Maughan

    Elizabeth Maughan married John Bruce on 08-Jan-1784 at Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

  • James Bruce born 25-Feb-1786.
  • John Bruce born 23-Jan-1788.
  • Charles Bruce born 17-Oct-1789.
  • Anna Maria Bruce born 09-Sep-1791.
  • Edward John Maughan

    Edward John Maughan born circa 1790, died in 1868, married Eliza Landale. She was born circa 1799 and died in 1886.