Harry Maughan 1874 - ?

Harry Maughan 1874

Harry Maughan was born 19-Jun-1874 in Toronto, Ontario. His date and location of death is unknown. Harry's father was John Maughan. His mother was Margaret Eliza Parks. Harry married Eleanor Harriet Predam on 05-Jun-1895 in Toronto. Eleanor was 2 years older than Harry at the date of their marriage which was "by license, not by banns" and they were married by Alex Williams. Eleanor was born in Chatham, Ontario. Eleanor died 04-Mar-1926 in Toronto, Ontario and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

  • Alan Edward Lawrence Maughan 1896 - 1986
  • John Howard Maughan Jul-1898 -
  • Edward Harry Maughan born 04-Jan-1906, died
  • Baby (female, still born) Maughan 14-Jul-1908
  • Harry Maughan was the fourth of seven children (it's always the middle child...). Harry left his family circa 1910 to go to New York City with his secretary (her name is unknown). While in NYC he sent back a few letters signed Maunder. After contacting Alan Maunder of Australia to see if in his database of Maunders (he has over 60,000 cousins to date) he came up with anyone fitting Harry's details, he did not. Harry worked with his father John in insurance as an agent.

    We have a letter postmarked 1895 to Harry at 56 Springhurst Avenue (located to the northwest of the 'Exhibition Grounds'), however the land records for that address as it appears currently don't show Harry as ever being an owner. The street name on the subdivision plan however is Huxley, so the addresses may have been rearranged when they changed the name of the street circa 1898. A review of the Rand McNally 1898 indexed street map for the City of Toronto may help put some of this into context. A further review of all plans along the street may reveal some ownership. We are led to believe though, that the area had a number of rooming houses due to it's proximity to the downtown rail yards.

    Harry may have lived with his father John at 98 Wellington Place, Toronto. The name here has also been changed to Wellington Street West at some point, and the addresses have been renumbered again. Wellington Place lay to the west of Brock Street (now the south end of Spadina Avenue) and ran one block over to Portland Street, the next street to the west. It is unclear if the insurance agency was located here or at 28 Wellington Street East, although one feels the latter makes more sense due to its proximity to the downtown core. The buildings now located on the north side of Wellington Street (formerly Wellington Place) are for the most part 10 story office / condo buildings that would date presumably to post WW2. There are 5 exceptions - in the middle of the block remains a large brick semi-detached home which would date to my great, great grandfather's time and at the very west end of the street are 3 brick homes of less impressive stature, which again would date to the period in question. The center home falls into a portion of the Military Reserve Plan, which will provide some difficulty with research. The smaller homes at the west end of the street will not be quite so onerous.

    Alan Edward Lawrence Maughan

    John Howard Maughan

    Edward Harry Maughan

    Edward (Ted) Harry Maughan

    Edward was a concert pianist who taught at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. As early as 1951 hs is co-credited with copyright to an interpretation of Mozart's Romance in A Flat. He performed regularly and we have an image of a concert advertisement from the Hart House (University of Toronto) archives. Edward's funeral was held at the Newbigging Funeral Home in Leaside.

    We were able to contact one of Ted's former students Howard Lopez who was kind enough to share some memories:
    'Mr. Maughan was the most kind, gentle, compassionate, caring, talented, exemplary man I have ever known. I was so lucky to have had him as a piano teacher and likely have made a carreer of music because of him. I can only hope I have honoured him enough for all he taught and shared. Hows that for a start? If your could email me: howard@howardlopez. I will reply in greater detail when I have more time and when I don't have to navigate a touch screen...! Funny I bumped into another fellow student at a corporate event a couple of years ago and will forward your note to him. In the summers he would vacation in Paris, France. I still have a letter he sent me with the hotel address. He studied under Alfred Cortot and his last car was a Buick leSabre that took off like a rocket. How do I know? I bought it from the estate. My mother was a long-time student, and fashioned her music teaching carreer because of him. It was a huge loss to her when Mr. Maughan passed away, as it was for me. There was still a photo of him on the wall in the music room when I sold my fathers home a couple of years ago.'

    Baby (female) Maughan 14-Jul-1908