Alan Edward Lawrence Maughan 1896 - 1986

Alan Maughan 1896

Alan Edward Lawrence Maughan was born 10-Aug-1896 in Toronto, Ontario. He died in October 1986 in Oakville, Ontario and is buried at the Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham, Ontario. At the date of his mother Eleanor's death in 1926 he was living at 31 Manor Road East, Toronto (the original house no longer exists). Father was John Maughan, mother was Euphemia Janet Stein. Worked for Hartford Insurance as an agent. Married Margaret Eliza Parks on 18-Jun-1863.

  • Alan Edward Lawrence (Larry) Maughan 1925 -
  • Baby (male, still born) Maughan 1931
  • Michael James McDougall Maughan 1933 -
  • Alan Edward Lawrence (Larry) Maughan

    Margaret Eliza Parks, wife of John Maughan, died 29-Jun-1908 at 70 years of age. At the date of her death, she and husband John lived at 496 Wellington St. W., Toronto. Margaret died of Bright's disease (a historical classification of kidney diseases that would be described in modern medicine as acute or chronic nephritis) which she'd had for one year. The doctor that singed her death certificate was Edmund W. Spragge. She was buried at Necropolis Cemetery in Toronto on 1-Jul-1908 in section M-76 in a plot owned by her father John Maughan.

    Land Records

    Research of the records in the Toronto Land Registry Office (formerly LRO 63, now LRO 80) indicates John Maughan's land ownership as follows:
    John Maughan 1835
    Original geographic per Township of York original survey of Lot 8 Concession 1 From The Bay (FTB) was subdivided by Registered Plan 282 (registered 24-Sep-1867) prepared by "Gossager + Wadsworth" PLS's. The title block of the plan includes the following further description: "shewing the subdivision of the property of the estate of William Small Esq. being part of the Berkley Estate". The plan creates a Mill Pond lot ("Small's Pond"), a private lane (now assumed to be Penny Lane) and 8 Parcels varying in acreage:
    John Maughan 1835

    A deed was registered on 6-Apr-1881 as TY12481 from Daniel McMichael to John Maughan for all of Parcel 2 comprising slightly more than 30 acres. The abstracts for this plan are found in Volume 501A. I have reviewed copies of some of the documents hoping to determine family members and vital statistics and still need to check the surrounding parcels of plan 282. Also I will review the abstracts of PLMID 1438 & PLE 515 to determine if / where the Maughan 'house' was. There are a number of deposits which may contain sketches of the lands prior to the registration of PLE 481, which seems to be the remainder of John's land sold off for subdividing.

    The private lane, now known as Penny Lane, was just north of Queen Street East on the northwesterly side of Kingston Road in Leslieville. The land was owned by John Maughan, however it was the subject of a lawsuit between John Maughan (plaintiff) and Vincenzo Casci (defendant) that became a landmark decision Maughan v. Casci related to easements and rights-of-way. The case is fully described in an Ontario Reports account.

    Reference in his will (GC29420 registered 14-Mar-1919) is specifically made to the "Wellington Street property" which the executors were to "fully consider the merits of disposing of, as there may be a future rise in value". I believe this refers to the property at 98 Wellington Place, which by the 1940's had been renamed Wellington Street West. I do not suppose the property at 28 Wellington Street East would have been in fact owned by John, however I will endeavour to discover this as time permits. However it may be a reference to 496 Wellington St. W. where he and his wife Margaret were living at the time of her death 10 years earlier in 1908.

    Janet Stein Maughan and Euphemia Russell Stein Maughan, his older sisters, are dead by this time (1888 and 1899 respectively). His older brother Robert is not mentioned either, since he had been lost at sea. John's eldest two boys, Herbert J. Maughan and Charles F. Maughan, predeceased him and no mention is made of their "issue", leaving one to think they never married.

    The bulk of the estate is split into four shares, 2 going to daughter Minnie and 1 each to son John and son Walter. Harry's three boys are left sums of money (nothing for daughter-in-law Eleanor though, must have been on the outs) and no other mention is made of Harry.

    Two other curiosities are found in the will: $200 is left to the 'Home for Incurables' should his estate realize the sum of $70,000 after the debts are paid and the probate is granted by the court on the condition that no portion of the estate's assets can be distributed to beneficiaries or creditors who are German, Austro-Hungarian, Turkish or Bulgarian subjects without the sanction of the Crown. It was, after all, WW1.

    98 Wellington Place is part of Lot 13 in Section F of the Military Reserve Plan in the City of Toronto. Ownership records are detailed as follows:

  • OB611 - Grant - 14-Jan-1869 - to John Maughan Jr. Esq. (being the westerly 40' of the lot).
  • OB1269 - Mortgage - 17-Jul-1869 - to Western Assurance Company.
  • OB2749 - Grant - 11-Jul-1870 - to John Maughan Sr. Esq. (being the e 23' of the w 40').
  • GC14427 - Will - 25-May-1882 - John Maughan Sr. - executrixes, daughters Janet Stein Maughan and Euphemia Russell Stein Maughan.
  • SW3822 - Grant - 25-May-1882 - estate of John Maughan Sr. to John Maughan Jr.
  • OG10394 - Grant - 14-Mar-1891 - estate of Janet Stein Maughan to John Maughan Jr.
  • WF1018 - Grant - 9-Jun-1917 -