Col. Walter Maughan 1876 - 1961

Walter Maughan 1876

Walter Maughan was born 4-Sep-1876 and died circa 1961. He was a City Passenger Agent for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Walter married Eva Lilian Gertrude Rymal on 12-May-1904 in Toronto, Ontario. When their sons John Walter Maughan and George Burwell Maughan were born they were listed as living at 76 Roxborough St. W., Toronto (the house has been torn down and completely rebuilt as of 2015).

References to Col. Walter Maughen

Harry Livingstone's Forgotten Men: Canadians and the Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War - by Dan Black - This book recounts that the WWI, more than 80,000 Chinese labourers were secretly transported from China across Canada to the Western Front where they built bridges and roads, repaired tanks, unloaded supplies, and then, after the war, cleaned up the grisly battlefields. Though the use of Chinese labourers for the war has been known, the story of their journey and their work, and the role of Canadians in recruiting and transporting them, has not been fully told.
'In Montreal there was Colonel Walter Maughan, the CPR's assistant general passenger agent who was responsible for issuing the top-secret train schedules and memos to select employees, high-ranking government officials and top military personnel.'

Abbotsford Post, 1918 - Headline: Demobilization of Troops

'The demobilization of the Canadian Expeditionary Force is perhaps the most important problem now confronting the Dominion Government, and the transportation of the troops from the port of landing to their destination is a work which will require skilful handling. On reaching Canadian soil, after their hard fought battles in foreign countries, the veterans will deserve all the consideration that can be given to them.
It was therefore a wise decision on the part of the Dominion Government when they decided that the Canadian Railway War Board should appoint a committee that will make all the arrangements necessary for the transoportation of the soldiers through Canada.
The War Board so constituted the committee that it is representative of the three principal railways. Ever since the beginning of the war officials of the Canadian Pacific Railway have been conspicuous as leaders in the contry's patriotic efforts, and now Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Maughan, Assistant General Passenger Agent of the C.P.R., has been chosen as chairman of the committee thawt is to undertake the responsibility for train transportation of the soldiers to their places of abode in Canada. Lieutenant-Colonel Maughan's long experience and his thorough knowledge of railroad affairs make hime thoroughly qualified to fill the position for which he has been selected.
In March, 1892, at the age of sixteen years, Walter Maughan joined the staff of the Canadian Pacific Railway as a clerk in the Toronto offices. In September of the same year he was transferred to Hamilton to act in a similar capacity. In 1895 he was again brought back to the Toronto offices, and in March 1897 he became city passenger agent in the Queen City. On November 1st, 1913, he became assistant district passenger agent in Toronto. One month later he was promoted to become assistant general passenger agent in Montreal.
Lieutenant-Colonel Maughan is representing the C.P.R on the newly formed committee. Mr. H. H. Melansen will represent the Canadian Government Railways, and Mr. C. W. Johnston the Grand Trunk Railway.
By a co-ordination of effort it is believed that the representatives of the three big Canadian railways can so regulate railway transportation arrangements as to insure the safe and comfortable return of the Canadian soldier men to their homes. The headquarters of the committee will be in Ottawa, where the committee will be in direct touch with the Canadian Government.
A preliminary meeting of the committee was recently held in Montreal, when the Minister of Militia was represented by Colonel E. E. Clarke, Director General of Supplies and Transportation. The problem of transportation was discussed in all its phases, and the cvommittee will leave nothing undone to ensire safe transit, and feeding facilities of the highest character for the Canadian soldier men who so bravely answered to the call of duty when the country was in danger.

Alan Edward Lawrence (Larry) Maughan

Alan Edward Lawrence (Larry) Maughan born 25-Nov-1925, died 29-Nov-2018, married Isobelle (Belle) Ruth Jaeger on 14-May-1954.

Land Records

Research of the records in the Toronto Land Registry Office (formerly LRO 63, now LRO 80) indicates Alan Maughan's land ownership as follows:
Office Specialty Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Office Specialty Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Office Specialty Manufacturing Company was a major industry in Newmarket for 75 years, employing more than 400 employees. The company made a full range of office equipment and, at its height, was the largest manufacturer of office equipment in the British Empire. The Specialty got its start in Rochester, New York in 1880, making specialty items for such established companies as Eastman Kodak. Initially named Yawman and Erbe, after the original partners, due to rapid expansion the name was changed in 1895 to the Office Specialty Manufacturing Company. A Canadian branch of ‘the Specialty opened in Toronto in 1895 with a small showroom and warehouse. In 1887, they opened another branch in Montreal. These two locations were primarily sales and distribution centres with products still being produced in the US. In 1891 the decision was made to find a place to manufacture the product line for Canadian distribution - in Newmarket stood a three-storey brick building flanking the east side of the railway track that was operated by The Novelty Company that manufactured bicycles and baby carriages primarily. The location proved to be ideal with easy access to rail transport for receiving and shipping goods. The factory was operated by waterpower with a flume and head race from Fairy Lake and the tail race into the lowlands north of Timothy St., but was eventually replaced by steam generation.

The Specialty had a number of different locations in Toronto over the years, on Adelaide St. E. and Wellington St. W., and the Wellington address is likely the one Al worked at. In 1920, a decision was made to relocate the head office from Toronto to Newmarket. However the Newmarket plant and offices were all closed by August 1971.