Connection to Greta Fay Maughan (nee McDougall)

Ebenezer Bedford

Ebenezer Bedford married Susanna Reynolds in 1823 and had 10 children:

  • John Bedford married ?
  • Arthur Bedford
  • Bruce Bedford
  • Burton Bedford
  • Albert Bedford married ?
  • Ida Bedford
  • Clarence Bedford
  • Lawrence Bedford
  • Oliver Bedford
  • Ernest Bedford
  • Bernice Bedford
  • Erwin Bedford
  • Frank Bedford
  • Eva Bedford
  • Nathan Bedford
  • Daniel Bedford married Rachel
  • Nelson Bedford
  • Daniel Bedford
  • Sylvia Bedford
  • Maude Bedford
  • William Bedford married ?
  • Lettie Bedford
  • Emma Bedford
  • Ebenezer Bedford born circa 1864. He was a farmer in Harwich, Ontario
  • Maud Bedford
  • Alfred Bedford
  • Stella Bedford
  • Charlie Bedford
  • Susan Bedford married Ed Spachett
  • Eliza Jane Bedford born circa 1840, died in 1918, married Gideon Purser
  • Salem Purser born circa 1861, died 1945, married Margaret Wells in 1890.
  • Cecil May Purser born circa 1892.
  • Ruby Purser born circa 1893, died 1971, married Willis Brewer in 1927. He was born circa 1882 and died in 1972.
  • Mary Lou Brewer born circa 1923, married Don Johnson.
  • Christine Johnson
  • Doreen Johnson
  • Donald Johnson
  • James Johnson
  • Berta Brewer born circa 1895, died in 1965.
  • Jeanette Brewer born circa 1897, died in 1965, married Russell High in 1925. He was born circa 1893 and died in 1973.
  • Gerry High born in 1936.
  • Molly High
  • Mollie Brewer born circa 1899, married Maynard Slater in 1918. He was born in 1898.
  • Margaret Jean Slater born in 1919, married R. C. Lippard in 1940.
  • Londa Kay Lippard married Mark Elliott in 1972.
  • Annalee Slater born in 1921, married Jack Hale in 1943.
  • James Hale born in 1945, married Amy Mendel.
  • Benjamin Hale born in 1972.
  • Jean Ann Slater married James Coad in 1972.
  • Marjorie Brewer born in 1906, died in 1947, married Ed Barber in 1928.
  • Richard Brewer born in 1909.
  • Albert Purser born circa 1863, married Jenny Smyth in 1892.
  • Beatrice Purser
  • Gladys Purser married Everett Russell.
  • Robert Russell
  • Barbara Russell
  • Annie Gertrude Purser born in 1867, died in 1923, married Charles J. Cumming in 1893.
  • Laverne Cumming
  • Bessie Cumming
  • Orma Cumming married Harold Johnson.
  • Harold Johnson
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Douglas Johnson
  • Della Purser (1870-1931) married Humbert Graves in 1888.
  • Vergie Graves married Leslie Mitton.
  • Lloyd Mitton
  • Glenn Mitton
  • Lorne Mitton
  • Pearl Purser(1875- ) married John Collins in 1901.
  • Harry Collins married Lois
  • Jon Collins
  • Karen Collins
  • Linda Collins
  • Ray Collins married Muriel
  • Faye Collins
  • Dean Collins
  • Pansy Purser (1878-1937) married Ira Ferguson in 1901.
  • Verda Ferguson married Carl Voeden.
  • Carolyn Voeden
  • Annalee Voeden
  • Valerie Voeden
  • Salem Ferguson
  • Leda Ferguson married Glenn Scarlett.
  • Ruth Jeanne Scarlett
  • Fred Bedford married ?
  • Millard Bedford
  • Winifred Bedford
  • Caroline Bedford
  • Note: both the Purser and Bedford family trees were made for a 'Purser-Bedford' 40th Reunion 9-Sep-1973. The research was done by Richard A. Purser

    Of Interest to Members of the Bedford Family

    The following is the body of a letter written by G. G. Bedford of Peterborough, Ontario in 1970 titled Of Interest to Members of the Bedford Family

    Recently, and while browsing for something unusual to read, I came upon a 1940 publication of the McClelland Co. of New York, written by Curtis D. MacDougall, entitled Hoaxes. I began to read it as I would any other off-beat type of book of light reading until I reached page 64 in the fifth chapter (which was entitled 'Incentives to Believe: Financial Gain').
    At the beginning of this chapter I was amazed at how easily some people had been 'taken'. Then, as I said, I reached page 64 from which I [G. G. Bedford] shall quote without regard to copyright laws. I shall begin to quote a little before I reach the portion pertinent to us [Bedfords]:
    'Despite repeated warnings by both British and American governments that no such estate exists, the racket was promoted successfully as late as 1935. Oscar Hartzell of Iowa alone made over $1,000,000 before being sent to Leavenworth for life. He took up the racket himself after being duped by Sadie Whitaker of Chicago.' (I should add that the estate in question above was the supposed fortune of Sir Francis Drake)
    I was becoming interested in light of the fact we Bedfords have at least dreamed of the fabulous 'Edwards Estate'. I read on and here again I quote from the very next paragraph:
    'Another is the Edwards Heirs fraud started in the 1880's by Dr. Herbert W. Edwards of Cleveland, Ohio, who said that he was descended from Robert Edwards alleged owner in 1770 of 65 acres of Manhattan Island, including the site of the Woolworth Building. Dr. Edwards founded the International Edwards Heirs Association, which his son continued, to recover the property - lost he said through legal chicanery.'
    It has not been my intention to change the views of or interfere with the the beliefs of any other family member, however the information is rather well documented, was written by a known author and was published by one of the most traditional and respected of world publishing houses. Is there an Edwards Estate? Have we as a family been innocent victims of one of the most common hoaxes popular during the days of our forbearers?

    (signed) George G. Bedford