Richard Purser

Richard Purser

Richard Purser ? - ?. Married Mary Taylor; married Elizabeth Bennett; married Ann Humphrey; married Mary ? The offspring include:

  • John Purser
  • John Purser

    John Purser

    John Purser married Hannah Cox. Thier offspring include:

  • James Purser born circa 1801, died 27-Jun-1875
  • James Purser

    James Purser

    James Purser born May 1801, probably Kent County, England and died 27-Jun-1875 Wallaceburg, Ontario. James was a tanner in Riverhead, Kent, England and briefly in Toronto, Ontario. He was identified as a farmer in Dover (Kent County) as of the 1871 census. He married Harriet King on 04-Jan-1826 at Hever, Kent, England. Harriet was born circa 1807 and died 30-Mar-1882 at Wallaceburg, Ontario. James and Harriet had 12 children:

  • Reuben Purser born 28-May-1826 in England, died 21-Jul-1901 in Windsor, Ontario.
  • Moses Purser born 14-May-1829 in England, died 30-Dec-1901.
  • Aaron Purser born circa 1831 in England, died 24-Mar-1919.
  • Amos Purser born circa 1833, died 4-Aug-1868.
  • Gideon Purser born 28-Sep-1835, died 22-Feb-1918.
  • Hezekiah Purser (on birth registration listed as Zedekiah) born and died 1838.
  • Anna (Annie) Purser born 28-Jul-1839 in Riverhead, Kent, England, died 18-Jun-1920.
  • Cornelius Purser born 22-Mar-1842 in England, died 30-Mar-1934.
  • Harriet Purser born 7-Mar-1844 in Seven Oake (or Riverhead), Kent, England, died ? in Alabama.
  • Emily Purser born circa 1846.
  • James Purser born 20-May-1848 in England, died 18-Sep-1927.
  • Elizabeth Purser born 9-May-1850 in Toronto, Ontario - only child born in Canada
  • Reuben Purser

    Reuben Purser

    Reuben Purser born 28 May 1826 in England - identified as machinist in Windsor township as of 1871 census - at 1881 census, first name spelled Ruban and working as a hardware merchant in Windsor - died 21-Jul-1901 in Windsor - referred to himself variously as an engineer, machinist and merchant - founder of R. Purser & Sons of Windsor Ont., specializing in steam and gas pipe fitting, iron roofing and tin, copper and sheet-iron working and eventually included plumbing. Married Selina Oldershaw on 27-Dec-1849 in Chatham, Ontario - born circa 1830 in England - died 13-Mar-1897 in Windsor, Ontario. Reuben and Selina had 9 children:

  • Sarah Ann Purser
  • William Purser
  • George Purser
  • Rose Purser
  • James Edward Purser James born 29-Oct-1856 in Ontario - proprietor of J. E. Purser Sanitary Plumber and Heating Engineer; married Caroline Louise Frank 14-Dec-1881 in Windsor - born 28-Oct-1857 in Ontario - died 24-May-1915 in Windsor, Ontario
  • Gordon Frank Purser - born 6-Sep-1883 in Windsor, Ontario - died 29-Mar-1943 married Annie Taylor 23-Mar-1904; they had two sons and two daughters.
  • Elma Christine Purser - born 9-Aug-1889 in Windsor, Ontario - died 3-Jul-1964 married Carl R. Pickard 30-Dec-1912; they had 1 son.
  • Ralph Clinton Purser - born 7-Apr-1896 in Windsor, Ontario - died 9-Sep-1959 married Mary Louella Wilson on 7-Mar-1911 - died 17-Aug-1941
  • Ralph Purser (dates unknown) married (unknown)
  • James Purser (dates unknown) married (unknown)
  • < son >
  • Eliza Purser
  • Celia Purser
  • Ellen (Nellie) Purser
  • Clara Jane Purser

  • Reuben Purser remarried previously widowed Sophia Uegg (nee Eskie) on 26-May-1898 - born in Germany 13-May-1835.

    Moses Purser

    Moses Purser

    Moses Purser born 14 May 1829 in England and emigrated in 1849 - identified as farmer in Raleigh (Kent County) as of 1871 census - died 30-Dec-1901; married Mary Burgess on 5-Dec-1855 - born 8 January 1832 in Scotland and emigrated in 1853.

  • Wyndham Purser born 26 August 1857 in Ontario - identified as foreman brick maker in Dover, Kent County married Agnus R. ? born 27 June 1863 in Ireland.
  • Marion A. Purser born 26 August 1890 in England
  • Ethel Purser born 5 September 1896 in Ontario
  • Janet Purser born 5 April 1898 in Ontario
  • Amil E. Purser (daughter) born 22 May 1900 in Ontario
  • Edward Purser born c. 1868
  • Annie (Anna?) Purser born c. 1866
  • John Purser born c. 1864
  • Arthur Purser born c. 1871
  • Mary B. (Belle) Purser born c. 1876
  • Aaron Purser

    Aaron Purser

    Note: additional information provided by Bert de la Houssaye and used here with permission

    Aaron Purser born 1831 in England - identified as farmer in Chatham township as of 1871 census - died 24-Mar-1919; married Emily Benton born c. 1837 in Ontario.

  • William Purser born c. 1859 - identified as sailor as of 1881 census
  • Edith Purser born c. 1861 - identified as tailoress as of 1881 census, married Frederick Harris
  • Bert Elmer Harris - moved to New Orleans in 1917, died 1950, married in 1921
  • ?
  • ?
  • Barbara Margot Harris, married Bert H. de la Houssaye
  • Frederick Lorne Harris - never married
  • Ora Mae Harris married George Ray Mitchell (son of Dr. George Mitchell and Mary Ann Mott), they had no children.
  • Harry Nelson Harris
  • Edwin Purser born c. 1863 - identified as farmer as of 1881 census
  • Cornelius (Corrie) Purser born c. 1968
  • R. N. Purser born c. 1872
  • Effie (Effa) M. Purser born c. 1874
  • Hilliard (Millard?) B. Purser born c. 1877
  • Freddie (Fred) Purser born c. 1880
  • Amos Purser

    Amos Purser

    Amos Purser born 1833 - died 4-Aug-1868

    Gideon Purser

    Gideon Purser

    Note: additional information provided by Lloyd Mitton and used here with permission

    Gideon Purser born 28 September 1835 - died 22-Feb-1918 - identified as farmer in Raleigh (Kent County) as of 1871 census - died 22-Feb-1918; married Eliza Jane Bedford 31-Oct-1860 - born 28 June 1840 - died 13-Jan-1918 read more - family living in Romney Township, Kent County, Ontario as of 1901 census.

  • Salem W. Purser (1861-1945) married Margaret Wells (born c. 1874) in 1890
  • Cecil May Purser (1892- )
  • Ruby Purser (1893-1971) married Willis Brewer (1882-1972) in 1927
  • Mary Lou Brewer (1923- ) married Don Johnson
  • Christine Johnson
  • Doreen Johnson
  • Donald Johnson
  • James Johnson
  • Berta A. Purser (1895-1965)
  • Jeanette Purser (1897-1965) married Russell High (1893-1973) in 1925
  • Gerry High (1936- ) married ?
  • Molly
  • Mollie Purser (1899- ) married Maynard Slater (1898- ) in 1918
  • Margaret Jean Slater (1919- ) married R. C. Lippard in 1940
  • Londa Kay Lippard married Mark Elliott in 1972
  • Annalee Slater (1921- ) married Jack Hale in 1943
  • James Hale (1945- ) married Amy Mendel
  • Benjamin Hale (1972- )
  • Jean Ann Hale married James Coad in 1972
  • Marjorie Purser (1906-1947) married Ed Barber in 1928
  • Richard Albert (J.?) Purser born 7-Jan-1909 - died 1-Oct-1993 in Pontiac Township, Michigan (residence was Sylvan Lake, Michigan)
  • Albert J. Purser born 1-Mar-1863 in Ontario, died ? Family living in Romney Township, Kent County, Ontario as of 1901 census, shown living in Pontiac Township, Oakland County, Michigan as of the US 1930 census (US 1930 census also shows a Clarence J. Purser as a roomer from Detroit Township, Wayne County, Michigan with Albert and Jennie). Married Jennie J. Smyth (born 29-Oct-1865 in Ontario) in 1892
  • Beatrice I. Purser born 3-Sep-1865 in Ontario
  • Gladys H. Purser born 2-Mar-1894 in Ontario married Everett Russell
  • Robert Russell
  • Barbara Russell
  • Raymer Vincent Purser born 14-Jul-1865 - died 2-Aug-1865
  • Annie Gertrude Purser (1867-1923) married Charles J. Cumming in 1893
  • Laverne Cumming
  • Bessie Cumming
  • Orma Cumming married Harold Johnson
  • Harold Johnson
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Douglas Johnson
  • Adella (Della) S. Purser (1870-1931) married Humbert Graves in 1888
  • Vergie Irena Graves (oldest grandchild of Gideon & Eliza Jane Purser) born 30-Nov-1891, died 17-Jun-1941; buried 20-Jun-1941 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Thamesville, Ontario. Married Leslie Bentley Mitton 19-Jun-1912 (born 6-Apr-1892, died 7-Dec-1963, buried 10-Dec-1963 Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Thamesville, Ontario)
  • Russell Lloyd Mitton (oldest great-grandchild of Gideon & Eliza Jane Purser) married Ina ?
  • Robert Mitton (shares distinction of being oldest great-great-grandchild of Gideon & Eliza Jane Purser)
  • Humbert Glenn Mitton married Ursula Coggins
  • Wilbert Lorne Mitton married Marjorie Buschemeyer
  • Pearl Purser (1875- ) married John Collins in 1901
  • Harry Collins married Lois ?
  • Jon Collins
  • Karen Collins
  • Linda Collins
  • Ray Collins married Muriel ?
  • Faye Collins
  • Dean Collins
  • Alice Pansy Purser born 15-Aug-1878 in Ontario, died 1937 married Ira Ferguson in 1901
  • Verda Ferguson married Carl Voeden
  • Carolyn Voeden
  • Annalee Voeden married ? Kennedy
  • James Kennedy (shares distinction of being oldest great-great-grandchild of Gideon & Eliza Jane Purser)
  • Valerie Voeden
  • Salem Ferguson
  • Leda Ferguson married Glenn Scarlett
  • Ruth Jeanne
  • Hezekiah Purser

    Hezekiah Purser

    Hezekiah Purser (on birth registration listed as Zedekiah) - born and died 1838.

    Anna (Annie) Purser

    Anna Purser

    Anna (Annie) Purser born 28-Jul-1839 in Riverhead, Kent, England - died 18-Jun-1920; married James Steinhoff 30-Dec-1857 - born 01-Oct-1834 - occupation listed as mariner and living in Wallaceburg on 1881 Ontario census.

    Cornelius Purser

    Cornelius Purser

    Cornelius Purser born 22-Mar-1842 in England (age 37 at time of 1881 census) - identified as brick-maker and farmer in Dover (Kent County) as of 1881 census - died 30-Mar-1934; married Mary M. McLean on 10-Dec-1868 - born 5-Jun-1851 (28 at time of 1881 census) - died 4-Feb-1904. Then married Ann H. Ingalls on 17-Mar-1906 in Chatham, Ontario- born c. 1860 - died 9-Jan-1913 in London, Ontario.

  • Bertie
  • Jennie

  • CORNELIUS PURSER, reeve of the township of Dover, retired brick manufacturer, and farmer of 100 acres on Lot 20, 3d Concession, Dover township, County of Kent, was born March 22, 1842, in the County of Kent, England, son of James and Harriet (King) Purser, of that place. In 1854 the parents emigrated to Canada, settling in Toronto, where the father followed his calling of tanner for three years, and then removed to Dover township, where he manufactured brick and farmed until a few years prior to his death. In 1867 they removed to Wallaceburg and there he died in 1872, at the age of seventy-five years ; his wife survived him until 1875, when she passed away at the same age, and they are both interred in Wallaceburg cemetery. For a number of years the father was director ! of the Agricultural Society of County Kent, and was very prominent. They were members of the Church of England, and died in that faith. The children born to this union were : Reuben, who died in 1900, aged seventy-five years, was a plumber and tinsmith of Windsor; Moses, who died in 1902, aged seventy-two years, was a farmer of County Kent ; Aaron is a retired farmer of Bay City, Michigan ; Amos, a tanner, died at the age of thirty-five years; Gideon is a farmer of Harwich ; Hezekiah died in infancy; Anna married Capt. James W. Steinhoff, of Wallaceburg, a prominent boat owner, lumberman and farmer; Cornelius; Harriet is the widow of A. T. Crow, a farmer and merchant of Wallaceburg; Emily married Benjamin Fox, a wholesale oyster merchant of Bay City, Michigan; James is an ex-tax collector of Wallaceburg; Eliza married William Whitebread, a contractor of Chatham, Ontario. On Dec. 10, 1870, on the river Thames, Mr. Purser was united in marriage with Mary M. McLean. The two children born to them both fell victims to that dread scourge, diphtheria, Bertie dying at the age of three and a half years, and Jennie at five and a half. Mrs. Purser was born in Chatham township, County Kent, a daughter of William and Jane (Brodie) McLean, of Scotland. Mr. McLean came to Canada when eighteen years of age with his parents, settling in County Kent, and when he was twenty-four years of age, the family located at Chatham, Ont., and engaged in farming. He died in Raleigh township, aged fifty-one years, and his wife died in 1888, aged sixty-four years, and both are buried in Maple Leaf cemetery, Chatham. For many years he was reeve of Chatham township. While living in Scotland, they were Presbyterians, but joined the Methodist Church in their new home. Their children were : Barbara, deceased, who married Theodore Williams, lumber dealer; James S., deceased, a farmer; Mary, who became Mrs. Purser, and died Feb. 5. 1904; William S., deceased, a farmer. The paternal grandparents, James and Barbara (Welch) McLean, were natives of Scotland, who came to Canada in 1838, and engaged in farming. Mr. Purser remained with his parents until he was twenty-two years of age, working in his father s brick yard and upon the farm. He made the first brick for the main sewer in Chatham. After leaving his father, he worked along the same lines, embarking in the brick business, in which he continued with marked success for seventeen years, and then, purchasing his present fine farm, retired to an agricultural life, and is now one of the leading farmers of Dover. In politics he is a Conservative, and in 1877 Avas elected deputy reeve for four years, after which he served for five years as township councillor. His next public o.T.ce was that of reeve, which he held for five years in succession, and in 1900 was again in-duced to accept nomination. He was elected to the office with a large majority, and has held it ever since, discharging the duties with credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of the community. In religious affiliations he is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Genial, enterprising and public-spirited, Mr. Purser has made many friends, and he is justly regarded as one of the representative men of County Kent.

    Harriet Purser

    Harriet Purser

    Note: additional information provided by Coleen Handlon-Shaull and used here with permission

    Harriet Purser born 7-Mar-1844 in Seven Oake (or Riverhead), Kent Co. England - died in Alabama (still living in Citronelle AL at 1930 US census) - following Andrew Crow's death, worked for an undetermined period as a housekeeper for son-in-law Edward Kelly in Wallaceburg, Ontario. Married Andrew T. Crow 26-Dec-1860 in Kent Co., Ontario - son of Thomas Crow and Rachel Everitt - born 14-Jan-1838 in Kent Co., Ontario - died 26-Jan-1884 in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario. After Andrew Crow's death, she married John Simmons 10-Oct-1902 in Wallaceburg, Ontario - son of John Simmons and Sarahstend Ford - born in Alabama.

  • Emily N. Crow born 6-Jan-1862 - died 27-May-1889 in Wallacaburg, Kent Co., Ontario; married Edward Theobold Kelly 17-May-1881 in Wallaceburg, Kent Co., Ontario - born 1848 in Brockville, Ontario - died 17-Jan-1912 in Wallaceburg, Kent Co., Ontario.
  • Herman W. Crow born 1863, died 2-Mar-1896 in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Naomi Crow
  • Ann (Annie) Aretta Crow born 8-Jul-1868 in Ontario - died Jul-1941 in Citronelle, Alabama - referred to as Retta in obituary; married William Coy Milner 9-Aug-1887 in Chatham, Ontario - born about 1863 in Ontario - died 21-Sept-1897 in Calgary, Alberta
  • child
  • child
  • child
  • Then married David A. Hall about 1903 - born 6-Aug-1869 in Canada
  • Amos Benjamin Crow born 2-Aug-1869 in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario, died 11-Nov-1956 in Alpena, MI - joined US Army 14-May-1894, served in Co. B 33rd Michigan Infantry during Spanish-American War of 1898, lost an eye and contracted malaria. Married Emma Lough 11-Dec-1895 in Alpena, MI - born 8-Jan-1875 in Cumberland, Ontario - died 20-May-1937 in Alpena, MI
  • Harriet Adie Crow born 31-Jul-1871 in Dover, Kent Co., Ontario - died about Sep-1938 in Nelson, British Columbia; married John James Binns - born 1-Jul-1869 in New York, NY - died 15-Sep-1944 in Nelson, British Columbia
  • Templeton (Temp) Wood Crow born 28-Jul-1876 in Wallaceburg, Kent Co., Ontario - died 31-Jul-1957 in Marine City, MI. Married Sarah Jane Robertson - died 15-Jun-1962 - Harry Robertson is named in Sarah's will as her half brother, therefore unsure of Sarah's maiden name. Temp then married Gertrude Loretta Jones 12-Aug-1902 in Marine City, MI - born 22-Jun-1881 in Port Lambton, Ontario - died 25-Dec-1930 in Marine City, MI (obituary indicates time as 1 a.m., so date could be 26-Dec-1930).
  • Emily Purser

    Emily Purser

    Emily Purser born 1846; married Ben Fox

  • Mae
  • Emily
  • Orrin
  • Harriet
  • Alan
  • Rose
  • James
  • James Purser

    James Purser

    James Purser born 20-May-1848 (born May 1850 in England per 1901 census) - identified as a billiard table keeper in Chatham township as of 1871 census - died 18-Sep-1927. Married Elizabeth ? (born April 1862 in Ontario per 1901 census).

  • Annie May (Mae?) Purser born July 1887 in Ontario
  • Randle (Randall?) D. Purser born September 1890
  • Vaughn R. Purser born June 1898
  • Elizabeth Purser

    Elizabeth Purser

    Elizabeth Purser born 9-May-1850 in Toronto, Ontario (only child of this generation born in Canada - all others born in England). Married ? McLean - born 1872 - died ?. After her first husband died, she married William Whitebread.

  • James McLean died circa 1927 unmarried
  • Ella Emel (sometimes Emil) McLean born 1874 (see obituary below) married Chester Burton McDougall and resided in Wallaceburg Ontario. Emel died 25-Feb-1911 after an illness lasting several months triggered losing a child during childbirth. Emel is buried at Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham, Ontario.
  • Greta Fay McDougall (my paternal grandmother) born 16-Nov-1896
  • Chester Burton McDougall then married Otta Sills of Napanee 30-Sep-1914 and he and his second wife were drowned in boating accident in summer of 1915. Chester is buried at Riverview Cemetery in Wallaceburg, Ontario (see obituaries below).
  • Reah Whitebread died at the age of 4 years
  • Lela Winnifred Whitbread married Ernest C. Brisco in 1913.
  • William died at the age of 3 weeks
  • Ernest C. (Bill) Brisco Jr. born 30-Apr-1917 - died 24-Jul-1996 married Hester Caroll, born 1921, died 4-May-2016.
  • Charles
  • Martha
  • Lisa
  • Fredrick B. (Rick) Clayton Brisco born 5-Feb-1924 - died 5-Nov-2014 married Maxine Hodgson who died 6-May-2010. Rick’s long business career began with his father Ernie’s Insurance and Real Estate firm, Brisco & Son, after returning from the war (Royal Canadian Air Force) where he served as a Flying Instructor. As an Insurance and Real Estate Broker he served terms as President of: The Chatham Real Estate Board, The Chatham-Kent Insurance Agents Association, The Ontario Insurance Agent Association; and The Canadian Federation of Insurance Agents and Broker’s Associations; Returning Officer for Chatham Kent for many Provincial and Federal Elections. Over the many years he saw his business’s continued by his sons, eventually being Smalley, Brisco & Thompson Insurance and Brisco & Son Realty. Always very active supporting his community throughout his life Rick served as: “Presidents” of The United Community Fund / United Way; The Chatham-Kent YMCA; The Chatham Rotary Club; The Chatham Granite Club; Trustee and Past Chairman of the Kent County Board of Education. Enjoying Freemasonry, he was a Past Master of Victory Lodge, member of Ahcom Shrine Club and was a 33 Degree Mason and Honourary Member of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for Canada. Active throughout his life with Christ Church Chatham, he served as Warden, was active in the chore and Lay Reading and Sunday school for many years. His hobbies included hunting, curling, golf, sailing and boating and music. He was a member of the Chatham Concert Band for over 72 years and a member of the Wilf Lancaster Orchestra.
  • Peter
  • Paul
  • Tim
  • Barry
  • Brian
  • Robert
  • Obiturary: Ella Emel McDougall (nee Whitebread)

    Wallaceburg News - Thursday March 2, 1911, Page 4: 'Death of Mrs. Ches. McDougall'
    After an illness of several months there passed away on Saturday last [February 25, 1911] at her home in East Wallaceburg, Ella Emel [McDougall, nee McLean], beloved wife of Ches. McDougall. While the end was not unexpected, still, coming as it did, caused a deep feeling of sadness among her many friends, for she had been a resident of Wallaceburg since childhood, and by her kind and bright disposition and great musical ability she had made herself popular with old and young alike.
    The funeral, which was very largely attended, not only by residents of Wallaceburg, but also by many relatives an friends from out of town, was held on Tuesday [February 28, 1911], Rev. W. T. Roberts officiating, assisted by the Wallaceburg Baptist male quartet, and Mrs. John Cooper, of Chatham.
    After the services, the remains were taken to Chatham on a special car, accompanied by the mourners and friends, and were there interred.
    Besides her husband and daughter Fay, she leaves one sister, Miss Lela Whitebread, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Whitebread, of Chatham.
    Many beautiful flowers were sent by sympathetic friends and St. Andrews choir of Chatham, which her sister, Miss Whitebread, is connected, sent a beautiful wreath, as did the O. E. Club, of which Mrs. McDougall was a favourite member.
    The family have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

    Obiturary: Chester Burton McDougall and Otta Sills

    Wallaceburg Herald-Record - Thursday July 8, 1915 (summary of story): 'Wallaceburg Thrown Into Mourning For Four Citizens Drowned'
    byline: Sudden Squall Overturns Launch when Four Citizens Drown) ...when four of our most highly respected citizens met death by drowning through the overturning of a launch, the Caroline D on the Snye (River) close to its entrance through the east channel into Lake St. Clair. The four unfortunate ones included Mr. and Mrs. Chester McDougall. Four others were saved. (no sign of a storm, suddenly a tremendous wind hit them [referred in to in another story as a cyclone] and a huge wave overturned the boat and threw them in the water)
    Mr. Chester McDougall was a partner in the firm of Stonehouse, McDougall and Moore, and was a prominent officer of the Baptist church here, at one time choir leader, and an official of the lodge of K. P. His daughter has recently taken her A.T.C.M. at Toronto Conservatory of Music. His first wife died some years ago, and he recently married Miss Otta Sills of Napanee, at one time a teacher in the public schools at Chatham. She was interred at Napanee.
    Mr. McDougall was buried on Wednesday July 7, in the McDougall family plot at Riverview Cemetery, Wallaceburg.

    Obiturary: Chester Burton McDougall and Otta Sills

    Wallaceburg News - Thursday July 15, 1915, Page 4: 'Funeral of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McDougall'
    A very large number of sorrowing friends and relatives that attended the funeral services of the late Mr. and Mrs. Chester B. McDougall at their home on the east side on Wednesday of last week. It was only nine months ago that they entered their pretty home looking forward to a happy life together. They died together and were placed side by side. A large turnout of the Knights of Pythias, of whom twelve were pallbearers, marched in the funeral cortege, from the house to the grave with the remains of their late beloved brother knight, Mr. McDougall, and to the electric depot with the remains of Mrs. McDougall, where they were taken on the car to Chatham, and then conveyed to her old home in Napanee, accompanied by her bereaved parents and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Sills and Miss Nellie Sills. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. G. Saunders assisted by Rev. J. C. Reid.
    The late C. B. McDougall was born on the McDougall homestead, now owned by Wm. Burgess, on the north branch of the river Sydenham. He was the eldest son of Malcolm and Frances (nee Grosse) McDougall, his mother dying about 11 years ago. He leaves, besides his father, two brothers, Claude R. (Dick) of Chicago, Ernest of town, and five sisters, Mrs. Chas. E. Nightingale, Mrs. Chester McGregor, Mrs. Chas. E. Ayres, Mrs. H. A. Stonehouse, and Miss Ida at home. His first wife was Miss Emil McLean-Whitebread, who died about six years ago, to whom was born one daughter, Miss Fay, who makes her home with her grandmother, Mrs. (Capt.) Whitebread of Chatham. His late wife was Miss Otta Sills of Napanee, a former school teacher of this place, whom he married on Sept. 30 last year. For the past four years the late Mr. McDougall has been a partner in the firm Stonehouse, McDougall, Moore Co. Ltd. Previous to that he conducted a gents' furnishings business on the corner of Duncan and James Streets. He spent a number of years in Lorain, Ohio, and was employed with S. D. Crothers and the late D. Dobie for a few years.
    Deceased was a prominent member of the K. of P. holding an office in the Ontario Grand Domain, and none will be more missed in the lodge here than he.