John Steinhoff

John Steinhoff

John Steinhoff (1809-1863) married Mary Ann Osterhout who was born in Michigan circa 1822 and died March 1886 aged 64. Their offspring include:

  • Sarah Jane (Steinhoff) Gordon 20-Jul-1832 to 16-Nov-1866
  • James Waynard Steinhoff
  • Caroline (Steinhoff) Bachus 1835 – ?
  • Hannah (Steinhoff) Parker 1839–1882 married Edward Parker born circa 1831. Edward was a ship carpenter.
  • Estell Eder Parker born 23-May-1860, died 20-Apr-1922, bookeeper at local bank, lived on Margaret Ave, Wallaceburg, Ontario at time of death (lived in Wallaceburg entire life). He was listed as married and of French racial origin in death register.
  • John Bruce Parker born 1863
  • Amos Morden Parker born 9-Jul-1869, died 5-Jan-1941. Married Ida V. Glassford on 15-Apr-1891. Ida's parents were John Glassford and Elizabeth Glassford. At 1901 census, reference to a 'Letha File Parker' born in 1877 which likely refers to Amos' sister Lotta.
  • Lida Parker born 1873
  • Lotta (Lottie) Matilda Parker born 4-Oct-1877. Married Arthur G. S. Chubb on 24-Nov-1898. Arthur was born circa 1871 in Lambton County, Ontario and his parents were Charles and Elenor Chubb. Arthur is listed as an Insurance Agent on the marriage register.
  • Andrew Steinhoff born 23-Apr-1841, died 4-Dec-1887 of dyptheria (also referred to as 'Captain'). Married Elizabeth MacDonnell born 10-Dec-1840 in Killarney, Ireland and died 21-Aug-1933 in Wallaceburg, Ontario. Her parents were Andrew McDonnell and Isabella McNabb. Her grand daughter Mrs. A St. Claire Gordon is shown as the 'informant' of her death.
  • Grette Belle (Gretta Bella) Steinhoff born 10-Apr-1871, died 4-Feb-1930. Married William Wallace Hay on 5-Oct-1892. William born circa 1864 in Pine Grove, Ontario and shown as a physician on the marriage register. Willam's parent were Robert and Annie Hay.
  • Greta Juliette Hay born 1894
  • James Steinhoff born 1874
  • Captain James Wynard Steinhoff

    James Wynard Steinhoff (Capt.)

    James Wynard Steinhoff born 1-Oct-1834 in St. Thomas, Ontario, died 22-July-1921. Married Annie Bell Purser on 30-Dec-1857; Annie was born 28-Jul-1839 in Riverhead, Kent, England, died 18-Jun-1920 (1839-1920). James and Annie had five children who all died in infancy. They adopted:

  • Eva K. Steinhoff born 26-Dec-1881, dies 6-May-1953. Eva married Herbert John McDougall.
  • Eva K. McDougall (nee Steinhoff)

    Eva K. McDougall (nee Steinhoff)

    Eva K. Steinhoff born 26-Dec-1881, dies 6-May-1953. Eva married Herbert John McDougall, born 31-May-1869, died 10-Apr-1933. Herbert's parents were William C. McDougall, born circa 1831 and died 7-Feb-1890, buried at Riverview Cemetery in Chatham, Ontario and Jane A. (Jennie) Howard born circa 1835 in England, died 12-Mar-1907. At the 1871 census, Jennie is listed as Jane A. McDougall aged 36 with a birthplace of England; there were also Willaim Howard aged 33, and John Howard aged 30 residing with the family.

  • Captain James Wynard Steinhoff

    James Wynard Steinhoff was born in the city of St. Thomas, Ontario on October, 1, 1834. His family moved shortly after and he spent most of his childhood in Chatham. In 1850 the family relocated to Wallaceburg, where his father purchased a farm. Steinhoff started his career humbly, working for a lumber gang in Wallaceburg, he was asked to cook for 40 hungry lumberjacks. He then transported timber with a team of oxen and/or horses, for Fowler & Kelsey in Wallaceburg. These jobs lead him to pursue another opportunity in lumber transportation. He sold a 100 acre plot of land to purchase a schooner for transporting lumber. Steinhoff would soon acquire the name of Captain through his extensive experience in shipping goods around Canada and the United States. In the late 1860's he developed another local business that built ships and steamers. The most famous ship the company built was the Dominion, christened on July 12, 1867.

    Though Steinhoff's early years were important for his development he is most commonly remembered for his part in setting up three major Wallaceburg businesses. The industries included the Wallaceburg Cooperage in 1887, the Sydenham Glass Company in 1894, and the Wallaceburg Sugar Company in 1901.

    Steinhoff held great political influence in Wallaceburg. In the 1870's there was a large debate where the town hall should be built. After lengthy discussions it was located at the present site of the Wallaceburg Museum at his insistence. In 1896 he was elected the first mayor of the newly incorporated town of Wallaceburg. Prior to his death in 1921, Captain Steinhoff donated land to make a town park. He also donated money to make one of the few privately funded cenotaphs for Wallaceburg's fallen veterans of the First World War.