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William Tomsett married Sarah

Joseph (Thomas ?) Tomsett christened 11-Sep-1836 at St. Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex, England; died 1879 in Lewes, Sussex, England. Married ? Harva.
    Thomas Tomsett
    William Tomsett died 1922 in Eastbourne. Married Katerine Tilles who was born ? in Lewes
    and died circa 1945.
        Katerine Marion Tomsett born July 1899 and died in June 1980. Married Arthur Edward
        Johnson. They owned an antique shop and then green grocers in Eastbourne.
            Robert Johnson married Barbara
            Hazel Johnson married Ronald Collins
                Stephanie Collins
        Stanley Robert Tomsett born 1901 married Lily Lee in 1927. They owned a butcher shop
        and he became a councillor and then alderman of the Town of Eastbourne.
            Vera Tomsett born 1929 married Roy Evenden.
                Suzanne Evenden
                John Evenden
        Roland Thomas Harva Tomsett born 12-Jan-1903 in Eastbourne, East Sussex and died 14-
        Sep-1974 in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Trade was bricklayer, served in WW2, worked for
        Eastbourne Hospitals Management Committee (Engineer's Dept.), elected liberal councillor
        for the Town of Eastbourne. Married Florence Alice Harris on 05-Oct-1929 at St. Mary's
        Parish Church, Eastbourne, East Sussex. Florence died 01-Mar-1997 at Eastbourne.
            William Osbourne Tomsett born 05-Dec-1930 in Eastbourne and died 31-Oct-1979 in
            Eastbourne. Married Marie Weller on 31-Mar-1956. Marie was born in 1929.
                Clive Tomsett born 1959 in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Married Gillian.
                Giles Tomsett born 1965 in Nigeria. Married Caron Pope.
                Philip Tomsett born 1968 in Nigeria
            Marie re-married Robert Barnett in 1988.
            Judith Tomsett born 28-Aug-1936 in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England and died 21-Dec-             2014 in Oakville, Ontario, emigrated to Canada in 1959. Married Michael Maughan in 1963.             Michael born in 1933 in Toronto, Ontario.
                Heather Maughan born 1964 in Mississauga, Ontario. Married Thomas Jarmyn in 1988.
                    Benjamin born 1991 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
                    Duncan born 1997 in Truro, Nova Scotia
                Robert Maughan born 1967 in Mississauga, Ontario. Married Barbara Collaton in 1994.
                Barbara born 1964 in Rexdale, Ontario.
                    Emily born 1997 in Oakville, Ontario.
                    Nicholas born 1998 in Oakville, Ontario.
            James Tomsett born 1940 in Eastbourne married Mary Hemsley in 1967. Mary was born
            1942 in Mayfield.
        William Tomsett born 1907 and died 1947. Married Georgina Dumbrell in 1928.
            Patricia Tomsett
            Constance Tomsett
            Barbara Tomsett
            James Tomsett
            Brenda Tomsett
            Alan Tomsett
        Connie Tomsett - born 1908, died 1918
    George Tomsett
    Agatha (Agnes ?) Tomsett
    Elizabeth Tomsett
    Louise Tomsett - born after 1881 census ?


additional information

1881 British Census Information - Tomsett
Thomas Tomsett age 37 born c. 1844 in Lewes, Sussex, England - bricklayer, married Mary A. Tomsett (nee Rich?) age 35 born c. 1846 in Warbleton, Sussex, England
Thomas Tomsett age 12 born c. 1869 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England - agri-laborer
Jane Tomsett age 11 born c. 1870 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England Scholar (may have died shortly after census, as does not appear in other research)
William Tomsett age 9 born c. 1872 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England - scholar
Samuel Tomsett age 7 born c. 1874 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England - scholar
George Tomsett age 5 born c. 1876 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England - scholar
Agnes Tomsett age 3 born c. 1878 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Elizabeth Tomsett age 8 m born c. 1880 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Dwelling: 10 Wick Cottages, Eastbourne, Sussex, England

International Genealogy Index Information
Thomas Thompsett aged 23 at marriage, father Charles Thompsett
Married Mary Ann Rich 21-May-1866 at Saint Michael, Lewes, Sussex, England. Mary aged 20 at marriage, father William Rich

Possible 1881 British Census Connection to Thomas above:
Charles Tompsett age 66 born c. 1815 in Langston, Sussex, England - bricklayer
Hannah Tompsett - age 63 - born c. 1818 in Wiversfield, Sussex, England (wife)
Dwelling: Mark Cross, Ripe, Sussex, England